Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! We hope you enjoyed your day. Before telling you about ours, I have some catching up to do...
We had a WONDERFUL weekend last weekend with the Iowa Barrett's and the Stafford's. Unfortunately, no one thought to take pictures until Sunday morning as we were all getting ready to meet for breakfast. The Stafford kids spent the night at our house Saturday night, so these pictures were taken just before we left to meet the rest of the gang at Shoney's for breakfast. We're so glad they were all able to make the trip and that everyone enjoyed their visit. We sure enjoyed our time spent with them!! Here are a couple of pictures of all the grand kids (and the grand dog).

Curtis and I spent most of our day, today, putting a garden in. It was hard work, but I'm looking forward to the payoff when we pick the first ripe veggies. "Farmer Curtis" ran a rear-tine tiller for the first time in his life today. I think he enjoyed it, although he mentioned that it was quite a workout!

I'm not sure it shows in the picture or not, but Ernie's little face was green and brown by the end of the day. The brown came from rooting in the dirt and the green was from rolling around in the freshly cut grass while Curtis was mowing. He's definitely going to need a bath!