Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring or Winter?

Can it really be April 14th in the midwest? I woke up to a mixture of rain and snow this morning... a day I had planned to go bicycle shopping. I suppose I can still go shopping, but this weather sort of takes the fun out of having a new bicycle!! It looks like it may just be a lazy day for me around the house. It's not like there's nothing to do around here, though. Actually, I LOVE these kinds of days... hanging around in lounge pants and a t-shirt that's too big with a rubber stamp and some ink at one side and a cup of coffee at the other. OH... and there will be some music playing in the background and a dog and two cats at my feet. Actually, the cats (Smith & Wesson) will be ON the table at which I'm attempting to work. Well, I'm off to do something fun! Hope you all enjoy your day! TTFN!

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