Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We Have a Visitor

My parents would be the first to tell you that I have a soft spot for any critter that looks the least bit homeless. It started when I was VERY young and I've NEVER grown out of it... not even slightly. Tonight, on my way home, I saw this little guy standing right by the side of the street. He was dining, but it was far from fine dining if you know what I mean. He was scrawny (you can see his ribs) and was shivering and had no collar. I whipped my vehicle into the nearest place I could pull over and called to him. He came to me, although a little reluctantly. I brought him home where I introduced him to the back yard with a bowl of fresh water and some food. He ate a couple of bites and headed straight for the back door. It wasn't too long until those brown, pleading eyes had convinced me that he really needed to be inside. SSSSSOOOOOO... we brought him in and introduced him to Ernie, our Lhasa Apso, and Smith & Wesson, our two cats. He and Ernie have had the grandest time playing and are already quite comfortable with one another. Curtis is out in the garage now, cleaning our extra crate, so our little visitor will have a place to sleep tonight... in our bedroom... right next to Ernie's crate. I think all the commotion has given Curt a headache, but he sure is a trooper! When we got married, he didn't like the idea of indoor pets AT ALL. I wasn't going to part with Smith & Wesson, though, so he caved. That was in February 2004. In September 2005, he bought Ernie for my birthday. Tonight he really didn't have a choice since I just showed up at home with doggie in tow. I'll be calling the radio station tomorrow morning so that, HOPEFULLY, we can find his home. IF it happens that we don't find his home, he WILL be learning some manners. He seems to be very comfortable indoors, but lacks some much needed manners that Ernie learned in obedience training. He appears to be a Dauchsund mix, but we're not sure. With all the exitement tonight, I didn't get much else done, so I'll try to post some new projects in the next couple of days.

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Amy K said...

You are such a savior!! I am a dog person so I completely understand! Once the kids are big and can handle "damaged" dogs we will work with boxer rescue! We have had up to four boxers (currently only one!) and love them!

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