Sunday, May 11, 2008

Darned Computers!!

I would love to post some pictures of projects I've been working on, but I'm having a problem with my internet connectivity. We had storms last night and ever since then, I can only keep my internet connection for about five minutes after rebooting. Tests run on my modem and connection come back smelling like a rose and after three calls to AT&T my problem is still not resolved. They say they'll have to charge me because the problem MUST be on my end. I'm having trouble with that one since this is the same problem I was having this morning when they had a recording stating that service was interrupted in the Springfield, MO area and would be restored by 12:45 PM CST today. So far, my connectivity hasn't changed since that recording was made. I've decided that I'm just going to unplug the entire PC and have one of my techie friends at work look at it this week. I could, quite possibly, go crazy without internet connectivity. I have several projects to share but, unfortunately, I won't be posting any until I can get my stinkin' computer fixed. If you've recently sent an e-mail to me and I haven't responded, I apologize. I can't keep a connection long enough to do that, either. Hopefully, I'll get it straightened out in the next several days. Until then, please bear with me!!

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