Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Need Ribbon Organization?

I've struggled with ribbon organization for the LONGEST time. I've finally got something in place that works VERY well for me and I wanted to share it with you. Over the years, I've tried everything from "photo storage boxes with eyelets in the sides to feed the ribbon through" to a dowel rod system. Sometimes it's just not convenient to take the ribbon out of the box, only to have to re-feed the ribbon back through the eyelet. Nor is it convenient to take the ribbon off the dowel rod. This unit is a media storage unit that I purchased at Wal-Mart. If I remember correctly, it was somewhere in the ballpark of $15 - $20. Definitely affordable storage. The key to keeping your ribbon stored on these shelves is in the third photo.

Instead of making each shelf level, I placed the back pegs (the ones that support the back of the shelf) one hole lower than those supporting the front of the shelf. This makes the shelf angle down toward the back. It prevents my ribbon from rolling off AND makes it convenient to grab the entire roll I want to work with. (Click on photos to view larger images)
I hope you find this organization tip useful. Leave a comment and let me know what kind of storage system you use for your ribbon. You may have an even better solution!!

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Cindy said...

Love the ribbon storage! Mine is on dowel rods, tossed in large drawers & boxes. Thanks for posting!

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