Monday, June 11, 2007

Construction Area - Hard Hat Required!

Our current project is not complete yet, but I thought I'd post some pictures to give you an idea of how things are progressing. The soffit and fascia are complete and the siding is complete with the exception of the storage area off the back of the house. I expect that it will be another week or so before installation of the windows begins.

This area is probably the area that most needed improving. It has never been attractive and had deteriorated quite rapidly (with the help of a large dog) over the last couple of years. The doors will be sanded down and painted once the rest of the siding is complete. The siding on the storage area isn't complete because we had to decide what to do with it. I'm not sure it's obvious in the pictures, but this little area has a hinged door that opens in an upward direction. It's not possible to put siding on that door and still make it functional, so we've opted to have them side over it, making it a solid wall instead of a door. In the three and a half years that we've lived here, I don't think we've used that door. The area is accessible via the folding doors that you see in the first picture, so we aren't losing access to that storage space. I have plans to build a slightly sloped, shingled roof for the storage area. Currently, it has a flat, painted roof that appears to be made of some sort of metal. I'm adding the roof, instead of painting it, because dust and pollen tend to collect there and it only turns to mud when it rains. It's really not very pleasing to look at from my vantage point at the dining room table, so it's got to change.

The siding just above the garage door (it's a very small area) was replaced. I'll be painting the garage door once the siding and windows are completely installed.

This picture will give you an idea of the difference the new soffit and fascia has made already.

This is the north side of the house. Obviously, the left side is "before" and the right is "after".

I'll try to post more pictures as the work progresses. We've had severe storms and flooding here in the last 24 hours, so I don't know when they'll be back to work on it. I saw on the news, tonight, where the swimming pools were closed today due to flooding, but kids were swimming in the parks where "lakes" had formed overnight. The water was, apparently, quite deep because adults were swimming, too... not just sitting in the water.

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