Saturday, July 14, 2007

Today was the Annual Pancake Ride

I rode the 50 mile route in the Annual Pancake Training Ride this morning. Pancakes were served 10 miles into the ride at a Kiwanis pavilion and I really couldn't see that they were trained to do anything. Maybe they're still in training. Anyway, I opted out of the cakes. The first 10 miles are usually the most difficult for me and I was feeling pretty good at the end of those first 10 and didn't want to ruin it by filling up on pancakes and syrup. I chose to have only a small glass of 'Tang' and hit the road again. I met up with my friend, Tressie, at the first rest stop and we rode the rest of the way together. I finished the ride in just under 3 1/2 hours. We rode from Battlefield through Billings and Republic and back to Battlefield. I took a tumble coming to a stop at an intersection. I had my right foot locked into the pedal, fully intending to dismount on my left foot. When I came to a stop I must have had more weight leaning to the right because I fell right over while sitting still. The only thing bruised besides my backside was my pride. I got up just fine, though, and got right back on. At the next rest stop, my good friends from Sunshine Bike Shop were there to make adjustments for anyone who needed them. My handlebars were bent pretty badly on the right and my seat was crooked, so they made the adjustments while I had a snack and a cold drink. THANK YOU TO SUNSHINE BIKE SHOP!! They're the best and are always happy to help! I'll try to post some new Stampin' Up! projects later today, but I think I'm going to take an ibuprofen and a nap right now!

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