Thursday, July 26, 2007

Working on Projects for Convention

Gwen and her hubby, Kay, came over last night to work on our projects for the upcoming Stampin' Up! convention. I really enjoyed visiting with both of them. I talked more than I worked, so I didn't get much done, but I think they accomplished quite a bit. Here are a couple of the projects I've been working on. These are a couple of the memo pads:

The next few pictures are the swaps I made that hold a pack of Trident gum. I'm not completely pleased with the way they turned out, but I can't decide what it is I need to change to make them more appealing. If you have any suggestions, please post a comment and let me know. Do I need to change colors? Add a little something? They're basically a piece of cardstock folded in thirds with a small velcro closure.

Oh... I almost forgot to post this pic. I happened to catch little Mr. Ernie right in the middle of a ginormous yawn. He looks mean, doesn't he?? He's harmless... just very sleepy!

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