Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I've been busy with projects that I haven't been able to post. My brother and his girlfriend are expecting a baby girl and his girlfriend was induced this morning. We still don't have a baby, but are expecting her anytime now. Since Tammy is confined to the hospital I know, for sure, that she isn't reading my blog so it's safe to post pictures now. These are my first sewing projects other than rag quilts or simple skirts with no zippers or buttons (just elastic in the waist). I'm VERY proud of how the diaper bag and the little accessory bag turned out. I wasn't as worried about the quilt since I've made several of those before.

The other projects I've been working on are still TOP SECRET. I will be able to show those pictures to you, hopefully, as soon as Thursday. Check back for updates!

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