Thursday, October 11, 2007

Secret Goblin

Someone at work started a little "secret goblin" thingy for Halloween. The letter that was left with my gift stated that I had to make two photocopies of the letter and deliver two gifts to two people who hadn't been "tagged" yet within two days. I'm supposed to do this secretly so they won't know who their gift came from. I don't know who I'll be "tagging" tomorrow, but here is what I made. These are popcorn holders and I attached a gift card for a free movie rental from Movie Gallery.

To remove the popcorn and gift card, you simply pull up on the little bow and WAH-LAH!!

Here is the recipe for the popcorn holders: Start with a piece of DSP that measures 7 X 10. Score it at 2 1/4 and 6 3/4 inches. Use sticky strip to adhere the bottom and back of the pocket. I used the crimper to get a finished look on the bottom. I used Creepy Crawly DSP and the Booglie Eyes stamp set to decorate mine, but you can design them any way you like. I added two jumbo eyelets (one on the front and one on the back) to the top center. Run your ribbon through one eyelet from the outside of the pocket to the inside. It will go under your popcorn and come back up on the other side so it can be threaded through the other eyelet from the inside to the outside. Tie the ends in a bow and and WAH-LAH!! You can pull the popcorn out by just pulling up on the bow. Pretty neat, huh? OH... I almost forgot... I added Stickles (glitter glue) to my spider. I can never have too much glitter. It's all about the bling, baby!!

This next picture is one I wanted to throw in just because I think it's cute. This is Smith and he was helping me with a sewing project last weekend. If it isn't obvious, he works in the quality control department.


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