Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just Flittin' 'Round Town

Ain't she cute??? (Click on the pics to see them larger) I'm SICK of putting gas in my SUV only to get 10 miles to the gallon between home and work, SSSSOOOO... today I bought this cute little thang. It's just a little 49CC scooter, but it gets up to 130 miles per gallon. DID YOU HEAR THAT??? UP TO 130 MPG!! The only problem with that is the fact that it's SO much fun to flit around town on. I'll probably drive 10 times as much just because it's so darned fun!! The manufacturer is "Wildfire Motors", so I have "...and she'll be riding Wildfire" stuck in my head. DRAT!! Anyway, I wanted to share my new wheels with you. I'd love to make a card to show you, but I've got some flittin' to do. Toodles!!

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