Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on... Bunnies??

This photo was taken last weekend, just off our patio, after a rain shower. I was hoping the raindrops would show up better than this, but what you see is what you get. (Click on the photo for a closer view.)

This little guy is, apparently, the newest addition to our family. Curtis was mowing the lawn last night when he saw this little guy. The bunny wasn't moving very fast and Curt was afraid he'd run over him. He put the dog crate in front of the bunny and he hopped right in. I wasn't home at the time and Curtis really should have known better than to keep him around until I got home. When I got here he said "Do you want a new pet?" I asked him what kind of pet and he just said that it was cute and furry. Now how can I resist cute and furry??? Anyway, when I picked the bunny up, he snuggled right up against me and didn't seem to mind the attention a bit. After checking him over, I discovered that one of his back legs has been broken, in the past, and never healed correctly. He has no mobility in that leg and it kind of sticks out to the side of his body. That would be why he wasn't moving very quickly in an effort to get away from us. Curtis saw three more bunnies who were, obviously, siblings to this one, but they were VERY fast and ran for cover. Normally, I would have sent this one back out to live with the rest of them, but we have a dog as do most of our neighbors. I just think that if I send him back out there I'm just tossing the dogs a snack. I can't do it!! I HAD decided that if he didn't eat very well for the first 24 hours, that I'd send him back to live with his siblings. If he wouldn't eat for me, then he'd probably be better off out on his own. I shredded two baby carrots last night and gave him some dry rolled oats and water. By noon today, all that was gone, SSSSSOOOOO... I made a trip to PetsMart to get a rabbit cage, a dish, and a water bottle. He's snuggled safely in his new little Wabbitat now and seems very content. I took him to work for the second half of the day today and my friend, Christy, called him Tripod (he's only got three good legs). I think that name just might stick.


Pris said...

You are such a goof ~ that's why we get along so well!

angel said...

what a sweet little bunny,i love them and have 2 house bunnies.
what a lovely thing to do to care for this little one your an angel

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